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Let’s make mud pies!! Seems like I’ve always liked playing in the sand or mud building things! It all started in Northern California while in grammar school with my first pinch dish, then at the age of twelve I was enrolled into a Parks and Recreation beginner ceramics class. That was where I really learned of all the different types of clay, glazes, firing techniques and the like! At fourteen I went to my first Raku party at an artist compound of which really opened my eyes to different interpretations of the craft. Needless to say, I was the youngest there at that bohemian artist party and had not been around “Artists” who were thirty and over in the 1970s! But that’s another story!!
Jumping forward to the 1990s, when I lived in Hawaii, I found myself working at another ceramic studio where I learned to make custom tiles. A whole different craft as keeping them flat was essential. I seemed to have the gift of flat (haha) and so later purchased the business from my boss. Then 911 happened and a series of unfortunate events caused me to have to close up shop and move back to the mainland. Finding my life also at ground zero, it would take a while until I could get back into my art. I moved to Washington State to rebuild my life.
Moving forward to 2015 the opportunity to establish a ceramic studio came! It started as a literal dream and when I woke up I KNEW how my dream could come true!! I sold my Harley Davidson Sportster and came up with the funds to build the structure and get it wired for the kilns. It all happened effortlessly, which happens in life when it’s meant to be. Next was to get the kiln, slab roller, shelves, of course clay, just all the stuff needed which would be quite costly. I called Tacoma Clay Art Center of whom I used to get all my supplies from while doing my tile business in Hawaii, and “Joe” remembered me! I asked Joe if he knew of some used equipment etc and if he could keep his ears open to what I needed. Joe said that just 10 minutes before my call that a widowed man from Issaquah (Dennis) had just called asking to post all of his deceased wife’s studio equipment, but that whoever takes it has to take it all and that he would need to know it was all going to a good home. Joe said her studio was perfect for my needs, same size giant kiln, slab roller, and even left over clay! I called, Joe vouched for me, I offered 500 bucks and my offer was accepted!! From the time of my dream in late September I had a fully functioning ceramic studio by Thanksgiving! Amazing!!
So, here I am, some years later, living the dream in the beautiful PNW. I am grateful for a second chance and to all who have been a part of this journey! I look forward to creating and am completely inspired by the beauty of all that surrounds me. Thank you for reading my story!

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I have been lucky enough to obtain a number of pieces of the most beautiful ceramics and they are all quite stunning. I have also been lucky enough see the studio where the magic begins and the craftsmanship is beyond belief. No matter which items you choose you most certainly will not be disappointed.
Al Thomas
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